Nashville Wedding Photographer - Harry Potter Inspired Wedding at Legacy Farms

Who says a Harry Potter inspired wedding can’t be elegant? Check out the geek-chic wedding of my sister-in-law Ashley and her handsome groom, Matthew. This sophisticated yet intimate affair took place at Legacy Farms just outside of Nashville. Numerous subtle touches hinted at the bride’s love of all things Harry Potter. The ceremony took place in front of a family-only crowd on the pier, meant to resemble the bridge from Harry Potter. Three simple floral rings hung at the ceremony alter. They represented quidditch goals. On the tables, deer antlers represented Harry’s patronus while old books (like those from the Hogwarts Library) and small, brown bud vases resembling potion bottles served as centerpieces. The Potter-theme pièce de résistance however was a Maurader’s map inspired invitation and Daily Prophet wedding program by Designs in Paper. To those details, the bride and her design team added beautiful, timeless elements. The bridesmaids dresses wowed in shades of deep purple with bouquets in shades of maroon and blush. The couple shared a simple, two-tier wedding cake --- perfect for a small ceremony of just 11 people. I especially loved the candy and cupcake station complete with golden Snitch chocolates and Bertie Bott’s every-flavored beans. It was a sweet, fantastical day filled with subtle, tasteful hints at the Harry Potter theme. To fans of the books, those elements added a little something extra. To those not familiar with the popular J.K. Rowling series, those touches just seemed like original and authentic design. It was perfection. The Wedding Chicks Blog thought so too. They featured it today. Click here to read their take on this magical day.

Nashville Family Photographer - Book Your Fall Family Session Now!

Fall's one of my favorite seasons. The crisp air ... the falling leaves ... it all just puts me in a good mood. I also adore the imagery of fall ... cozy sweaters, scarves, and pumpkins. Outside, the trees burst into shades of deep orange, golden yellow, and purple. I also adore shooting fall family portraits. For one, the light this time of year is phenomenal! The warmer tones of the fall sun just seem to make everything pop. I've got a limited number of slots available for Fall 2016 portraits. Email me for additional details.

Nashville Wedding Photographer - Homestead Manor Wedding

Timelessness is something I strive for when storytelling. I think of photographs as artist heirlooms meant to capture a moment in time in an enduring way. So, I want my images to possess a certain classic quality that will last throughout the years. Some locations, like the equestrian barn at Homestead Manor, just naturally lend themselves to this type of imagery. With its soaring ceilings, wrought iron chandeliers, and dramatic, stacked stone fireplace it’s a grand, majestic space that’s a dream to look at through my Hasselblad H1 lens. Outside the sprawling grounds offer lush green spaces and the majesty you’d expect from an over 100-year-old historic, Tennessee home. For more location inspiration check out my Wedding Inspiration Board on Pinterest.