Nashville Wedding Photographer - Classic Bridal Portrait at Two Rivers Mansion

Did you know I was only engaged for four months? It's true. My husband and I "met and married," or at least that's what I call it. We met in October, were engaged in late January, and married in late May.... On his 19th birthday, I'd yet to lay eyes on Joshua, but by his 20th birthday, we had been husband and wife for almost half a year. People probably thought we were crazy, but when you know, you know. And just this past weekend we celebrated our 12th anniversary!

Despite our short engagement timeline, I still made time for the grand southern tradition of having a bridal portrait made. I had my portrait in my wedding gown taken about a month before our wedding. It was fun to get to have the chance to wear my wedding dress, get my hair and make up done, and be prissy in front of a camera for the afternoon. After all, with the time and effort it takes to find the perfect wedding gown, why shouldn't I get the chance to wear it more than just once?

My sister also had her bridal portrait taken - by me, naturally - though hers had to wait until after the wedding. Somehow, she managed to beat my four month engagement, and we planned her wedding in only 24 days! Both her portrait and mine now hang side by side in my parents' living room.

It might sound like an old tradition, but I'm so glad we each made the time to do this session. Being a bride is such a significant moment, and I believe it should be celebrated with a portrait. Below are my favorites from Kim's bridal portrait session at Two Rivers Mansion in Nashville.

Interested in planning your own bridal portrait session? Contact me to chat.

Nashville Film Family Photographer - Clark & Oliver

It's Monday morning, and I just had to share a handful of photos of these two fellas. Let me be the first to tell you- it is not easy to get photos done, even for me. It takes time, and that's something we just don't have a lot of when kiddos are involved. That's why I've started offering Petite Sessions year round. Instead of a mini session day once in the fall, you can book a petite session any time of year. Petite sessions don't take a ton of our precious time. They're only 30 minutes long, and even the busiest family can find 30 minutes on their calendar! And, just because it's a short session doesn't mean it'll be short on amazing photos of your family.

 Just take a look at this. After dinner one day, I remembered I needed to finish a roll of film in my camera. I had about 30 minutes of daylight left, so in that 30 minutes, I managed to dress & load the kids, pack my bag, drive down the road, and take this group of photos ... and you know that loading them up took up about half my shooting time! Yet there was still plenty of time for a great little session, and it was so worth it to take that 30 minutes out of the day.

Just this goes to show, if a lack of time is what's keeping you from scheduling a family session, let me solve that problem for you with a Petite Session!

Email me now to talk about planning one for your own family!! I have very limited spots open in May and June.

Nashville Family Photographer - Multi-generation family session at Ellington Ag Center

Let's face it: kids are cute. Mine are completely adorable (not that I'm biased) and I'm constantly wanting to take their picture. Want to know who's picture I haven't taken in over a year? My sister and mine together. We may be adults, and we're definitely not as adorable as we maybe used to be, but we're still my mom & dad's kids. And I know my mom especially still likes to have pictures of us. Chances are, your mom would probably like some of you, too.

I love photographing siblings of all ages together, but especially adult siblings. Adults are busy. It's hard to get everyone in the same room at the same time wearing coordinating clothing. But, it's soooo worth it. And hey- Mother's Day is on Sunday!

It's too late at this point to plan a session with all your siblings before then, but it's not too late to buy a gift certificate and let mom know that you're going to get it done soon. Email me and I'll be happy to help.

Nashville Baby Photographer - Fall Maternity Session in Sylvan Park

I never set out to become a baby photographer. It was always a clear path in my head to be a wedding photographer. But a funny thing started to happen. A few years after their weddings, brides started calling me back to photograph their little ones. And what an honor! To be invited back into the lives of my clients over and over as babies are born and families grow. To document a legacy beyond the wedding day. It's so much better than just being a wedding photographer.

Josh and Rachel are such clients. I had the extreme pleasure of telling their wedding story back a few years ago. And now I'm giddy with excitement that they've welcomed their sweet baby girl into the family! Back in the late fall, just before she arrived, I stopped by their ultra sleek and modern home for this sweet maternity session. I know they'll have many happy days ahead of them in this home, and I think it's great they chose to have their session in their own yard.

If you'd like me to document your own lifetime of milestones - whether engagement, wedding, baby, family, and beyond - just contact me, and we'll get the conversation started. 

Nashville Wedding Photographer - Copper Summer Wedding in Franklin

Copper has long had a special place in my heart. On more than one occasion, I've daydreamed about a kitchen with a copper topped island. Until that dream can become a reality, I'll just sit back and enjoy all these beautiful copper elements from Lane & Kelly's wedding at CJ's Off the Square last summer. It was a scorching hot day, but still so gorgeous in the gardens at CJ's. Kelly was absolutely radiant as she walked down the aisle! One of my favorite details was their rings ... Lane is a geologist, so I couldn't help but photograph their wedding bands on a beautiful amethyst colored geode. Take a look at my favorites from their day, including that STUNNING cake from Wolfe Gourmet Cakes. Seriously, I'm not sure how they brought themselves to slice into it!