Nashville Baby Photographers - Simple Maternity and Newborn Photos - Before and After

It was already past her due date when I texted Tiffany asking if she would meet me at my studio. I knew she felt pretty miserable at that point, so there was a good chance just the idea of putting on real clothes and leaving the house would cause her to laugh in my face. Much to my delight, however, she agreed! I had asked her to come to the studio so I could practice a few things with my trusty Hasselblad. I'm super accustomed to shooting film outdoors, but I don't feel like I've completely mastered indoor shooting, and I wanted a practice subject.

You can see why I called Tiffany. She may not have felt it, but I could see just how stunning she was (is). She was mere days away from meeting her sweet baby girl - their third! - and I wanted to see if I could capture a little of that magic.

During the course of our mini shoot, I was explaining a little about film, specifically how double exposures work. For those of you who don't know, a photo is created on film when the shutter opens (the "click" that happens when the button is pushed) and light hits the film. There is a chemical reaction that happens to the film to create the image.

Here's my best layman's explanation for a double exposure: the shutter opens to let light in twice on the same bit of film. Normally, once a photo has been taken the camera advances the film to the next frame. But in a double, I tell the camera to take two photos before advancing the film forward.

After explaining that to Tiffany, she remarked on how neat it would be to do a "before and after" as a double exposure, and immediately my wheels begin to spin. I happened to have with me a spare camera with half a roll of BW film in it, so we decided to give it a try. I thought for a moment about the composition, then we carefully made notes (and took iphone pics) of our positions in my studio. Then I snapped one shot. ONE. And then I turned the camera off and put it away to wait patiently. I finished shooting with my Hasselblad, and we called it a day.

Three weeks later, we met back at my studio again, this time with baby girl on the outside. We pulled out the iphone reference photos, got back into our original positions, turned the camera back on, and shot ONE more shot. Then the camera advanced to the next frame. And that was that! I had given it my best try. I finished the roll, and immediately sent it to Richard Photo Lab, anxiously awaiting the results. I had no way of knowing if it worked, because I couldn't see as I was shooting of course. And, because my client couldn't magically go back and forth between being pregnant and having the baby, I literally only had ONE chance to get it right.

And y'all, I'm so happy with the results! In this photo, you can see the outline of mama's pregnant belly from the first exposure as well as sweet baby girl being held in her hands from the second exposure. All done in camera, no photoshop tricks involved.

It's incredible, isn't it? To think about life in such a way. I mean, when I was pregnant, I knew there was a baby in there, but sometimes it was hard to wrap my head around the fact that there was a whole little person right under my skin. A photo like this makes it feel a little less bizarre to me.

Technical info: Photographed with a Canon EOS3, 50mm 1.4 on Tri-x 400 film, developed and scanned by Richard Photo Lab.

Of course, we got a few other shots too. Isn't she absolutely stunning?

Top Nashville Family Photographers - Outdoor Fall Family Photos - The Vice Family

Fall is by and large the MOST popular time of year for family photos. It's usually the time of year when families start thinking ahead to the holidays, and realize it's time to update their family photo for Christmas cards and giving to family members as gifts. But more than that, fall is the time of year when it's just downright fun to get cozy! When the leaves fall and the air gets crisp, doesn't it just make you want to grab your family and cuddle up?

Last fall, when most of the leaves had already come off the trees, my friend and fellow photographer Leanne Vice stopped by the farm with her precious three boys for a quick family session ... quick being the key word there ... these boys move fast! And with a sister being added to the mix very soon, this sweet family has their hands full of crazy, fun kids. What you don't see in these photos is me: acting a total fool to get their attention. Pretty much every family session ever, kids just. don't. care. They're way more interested in their surroundings or playing or basically doing anything but taking pictures. And that's ok! Really, all anyone really needs for great family photos is just plenty of love for each other. I think the love Leanne and Trey have for their family is pretty evident, don't you?

PS- I have about THREE family session openings remaining for the entire YEAR. It's probably a good idea you email me now if you're wanting photos.

Best Nashville Baby Photographers - Sweet Lifestyle Newborn Session on Film

When I arrived at this family's home in Nolensville, I immediately felt welcomed. After all, they were used to welcoming new people into the home, having just brought their sweet baby boy home a few days prior. We chatted for a minute, mostly about how astonishing it is that one little person can have so much stuff that seems to creep into every corner of the home, and then it was time to head up to the nursery for a few portraits. I love the simplicity of this boy's room. Neutral colors with tones of blue and meaningful touches made it a perfect place for a new baby boy. We spend most of the session right there in that sweet room, in the glider next to the window.

The more removed I become from the newborn days, the more I appreciate having simple photos that give me a little window into how life was for us in that fleeting moment. Newborn sessions don't have to be fancy, just you loving on your sweet baby is more than enough.

 Towards the middle of the session, while we were taking a break for baby to nurse, it started to pour down rain outside, and this dark, cozy feeling came over the nursery. Although the dark made it a little harder to photograph, it didn't stop me ... just made me get a little creative, which resulted in the last photo in the post.

 It's been almost six months since this newborn session! Lucky for me, I've had the pleasure of getting to see this family again and again soon, as they're participating in my Baby's First Year package. Speaking of, I have some room in my calendar for babies born in December and January to participate in this package, so if you're expecting, you probably want to go ahead and shoot me an email, so I can save your spot.

Top Nashville Wedding Photographers - Summer Tasting at CJ's Off the Square

I've said it before and I'll say it again. I love weddings! I love them for so many reasons that I won't list right now, but one of my favorite perks of being at weddings often is getting to sample delicious food. Usually, it's when I'm tucked away in some back room while inhaling food off a plate that I'm balancing on my lap between happenings at a reception. But every now and then, thanks to open houses and talented vendor friends, I get a seat at the table. And for the summer tasting event at CJ's Off the Square, what a table it was!

Just take a look for yourself. Are you as obsessed with these chairs from Southern Events as I am? And I just melt at the sight of those table arrangements by Enchanted Florist. Here's what the team at CJ's had to say about the look of the event:

"The event styling centered around Southern Garden Splendor – a style that incorporates light, airy textures, a natural color palette and spectacular, slightly wild floral details. Dusty blue, grey and natural wood tones carried throughout the three unique spaces that make up our venue: the historic home, our pavilion and the garden."

It's safe to say, they nailed it. And the food ... well, it's making me my tummy growl just thinking about it. Or perhaps it's just because it's that awkward time of day between breakfast and lunch. In any case, it's always a pleasure being at CJ's Off the Square! Thanks to the entire team for having me!

Nashville Wedding Photographers - Intimate Elopement here on the Farm!

It's no secret that I. Love. Weddings. Big, small... it doesn't matter. I love them all. I love the movement of weddings and seeing people start their lives together. I love how in the moment a wedding is.... you get the idea.

I also really love my home. Vannatta Farms is where I've spent my whole life. It's a century old farm full of gorgeous landscapes and my dear family.

So, when I get to combine two things I love so much makes my heart absolutely leap with joy. Stephanie contacted me last year asking about doing wedding portraits. She was recommended to me because she wanted a farm setting for her photos, and heard about our gorgeous farm. Once we started talking a little more, it turns out she and her fiance were planning an elopement! So, I offered not only for them to have their portraits made on the farm, but also for them to have their micro wedding, right next to the fields.

And y'all, it couldn't have been more awesome! Elopements in Nashville are becoming more and more popular, and I was thrilled to be a part of this one. She got ready in my grandmother's home before walking out to say "I do" to Thomas in front of just four witnesses ... well, five, if you count me.

Ok, enough yapping, time to take a look at some beautiful farm elopement photos. Oh, and if you're considering an elopement, I've built a Nashville elopement package just for you!
Nashville wedding photographers | Jenna Henderson is a family and baby portrait photographer working in and around Nashville, Tennessee. Her style for photographing families and baby's first year is fun and fresh, creating timeless, beautiful portraits that are cherished by families for generations to come.