Nashville Family Photographers - Maternity Session around Murfreesboro Square

There have only been a couple of occasions so far where the four of us have needed to dress in coordinating clothes for our family portrait session. So far, it's proven to be a difficult task! Coordinating clothing for a family of four isn't easy. My advice is to start with the person that's most difficult to dress. In my family, that would be me, as I'm the only girl and by far the pickiest about what I wear. Once I have my outfit picked out, which is usually selected based on both how I feel in it and how I think I look in it, I'll go from there. For planning family portrait session outfits, I suggest mixing a variety of colors, patterns, and clothing textures. For example, if I'm wearing a navy dress with a small red flower pattern, I'd pull that red color out as a major player in one of my sons' shirts.

Speaking of family outfits, Sarah pretty much nailed it! The flowy dress she selected for herself moved beautifully in the cool afternoon breeze, and can we talk for a minute about how cute that blue dress is?! Of course, when your family is as beautiful as this, it's had not to look stunning in anything! I especially love how the navy and blue tones look against the gorgeous greens. This family session on the Murfreesboro Square is one of my favorites! And of course, it was all photographed on film. Just look at how excited Ellis is to be a big brother!
Nashville family photographers | Jenna Henderson is a family and baby portrait photographer working in and around Nashville, Tennessee. Her style for photographing families and baby's first year is fun and fresh, creating timeless, beautiful portraits that are cherished by families for generations to come.

Nashville Baby Photographers - Lifestyle Newborn Session

It's incredible just how quickly the sweet newborn days come and go. It's such a magical time, having this new, teeny person coming into the family. How can someone so small take up so much room in our hearts? And somehow we blink, and suddenly realize how fast that all went by when really all we want to do is stop time. The sleep-deprived haze that typically accompanies having a new baby makes it even harder to hold on to the little memories.

That's where I come in. A lifestyle newborn session held right in your home can help you keep some of those precious, fleeting moments forever. I offer newborn sessions as part of my Baby's First Year portrait collection.

Are you expecting? If so, do your soon to be sleep deprived self a favor, and plan a newborn session now. You won't regret it.
Nashville family photographers | Jenna Henderson is a family and baby portrait photographer working in and around Nashville, Tennessee. Her style for photographing families and baby's first year is fun and fresh, creating timeless, beautiful portraits that are cherished by families for generations to come.

Nashville Family Photographers - Film Family Session on Murfreesboro Square

As a "mom-tographer" one of my biggest challenges for my family is getting a photo with me in it. I'm usually the one behind the camera. I have tons and tons (and TONS) of pictures of my boys, and rather often daddy shows up in the photo. Usually isn't nothing major ... snap shots around the house or yard, or a quick picture while we're out doing something fun. But the thing is, I really want to be in the photo a lot. One day, when my boys are grown and they look back at photos of their childhood, I want them to be able to see how life was, and that includes me. Not to mention, I'm going to age quickly, and these gray hairs that are starting to peep out are only going to multiply, so I need all the photos I can get while I'm still looking young-ish.

That's why I love this session so much! Stephanie made the time to get a family photo session with her and the kiddos. Sure, there are plenty that have just the kids in them, but there are plenty more where Stephanie joins them. In addition to the group shots, I made sure to get an individual shot of Stephanie with each one of her three kiddos.

If you'd like to plan a session like this with your own kids, email me now and we'll start the conversation.

Nashville family photographers | Jenna Henderson is a family and baby portrait photographer working in and around Nashville, Tennessee. Her style for photographing families and baby's first year is fun and fresh, creating timeless, beautiful portraits that are cherished by families for generations to come.

Nashville Family Photographers - Six month baby session

In the spirit of catching up, here are some of my favorite photos from a quick family portrait session I did at Legacy Farms in Lebanon, TN back in the spring. Six month baby sessions are super fun, because baby can usually sit up, and is full of personality! This one was especially fun for me, as Clare is our niece! We did her session at Legacy Farms because it's where Matt & Ashley said their vows last year at their Harry Potter inspired wedding. How special is that! Of course, I had to throw my own boys in a few photos while we were at it.
Family photographers Nashville, TN. | Jenna Henderson is a Nashville family, child, and baby photographer with timeless, fresh style. She uses film and digital photography for her family sessions and baby sessions, giving clients an exquisite collection of family photos and baby's first year photos with genuine expressions.

Nashville Family Film Photographer - Back to work!

Hello all! I'm writing today from my desk... somewhere I've spent very little time at over the past month. At the beginning of July, I realized we were a mere 30 days from Clark starting Kindergarten, so in a panic, I decided to take the month off to spend plenty of time with him before he officially became an elementary student. Honestly, him starting Kindergarten is something I've been very excited about for a long time. It's going to be good for him to be challenged, and I've never worried for a second about how he would transition. I have, however, been quite upset about the fact that we now have to live our lives according to the school calendar. That is a tough adjustment for me, considering I've been my own boss for the past 11+ years and haven't had to follow any schedule except for the one I set myself.

That's why, when I realized we only had a few more weeks of "freedom" left, I decided to take a mini hiatus from work, officially pull Clark out of daycare, and spend lots and lots of time doing whatever I/we wanted. We started the month with a trip to Hawaii! And yes, all four of us, including our five and a half month old Oliver, went to Hawaii. The boys traveled excellently. Clark's always been a good traveler, and with all the trips we've managed to take this summer, Oliver was forced into being one too. Of course, the whole reason we went to Hawaii was for me to shoot a vow-renewal (those incredible images coming later), but we did spend the majority of the trip on vacation. I managed to get a few shots of us as a family, while we were there.
Truth be told, I'm not much of a beach person. But good grief, I think Hawaii would turn me into one! The combo of the cool breeze, the shady beaches, the teal-blue water, and the gorgeous, lava-rock dotted coast kinda has me convinced.
Once we returned from Hawaii and got over the jet-lag (which is NO JOKE, y'all!), we spend the rest of our summer being lazy... sleeping late, building Legos, playing at the park, really whatever we felt like doing. Oliver officially turned six months old in July, so I did a family session to mark the occasion. (Thanks to Ashley Miller for snapping the group shot of us!). 

Now that it's August, we're in the throws of our new routine. Clark is officially a kindergartner, and Oliver has started daycare three days a week. We're keeping with our routine of Tuesdays being Joshy's day at home with Oliver, and Thursdays being my day at home. But the other four days of the week I'm completely childless and able to work my regular, uninterrupted office hours again... finally!

 It was so great to have Oliver at home with me up until now, and I'm so glad he and Clark got to spend a good chunk of time at home together, but I'm also very glad to get back to my work routine. When it comes to work/family/life, I think balance is key, and I know for me personally, it's best when everything is balanced pretty equally. I'm a better mom when I've had plenty of time away from the boys, and I'm more focused at work when I've had plenty of time to step away. Now, it's time to dig in for the hectic fall season! 

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I'll be sending out an email in the next week or so about my fall availability, which is quickly disappearing, so you don't want to miss out on getting some great photos of your own family!
Now, back to some vacation snaps.

Anna & Quintin

There is no protocol in my years of photographing wedding stories for how to start a blog post like this one, so bear with me, as I probably won't be able to write as poetically as I should in order to do this justice.

This is the wedding story of Quintin and Anna. They were married on May 21st, 2017 at Homestead Manor in Thompson's Station, which also happened to be my own 12th wedding anniversary. Anna suffered from Cystic Fibrosis, which for those of you who don't know (I didn't to be honest), it's a progressive, genetic disease that causes persistent lung infections and limits the ability to breathe over time. I wrote 'suffered' in past tense, because today, Anna suffers no more. After only 6 short weeks of being a newlywed, Anna passed away on July 3rd at the age of 23.

Now it becomes difficult to know what to say next. Mostly, I'll let the photos do the talking. I think it's pretty evident what a joyful person Anna was and how loved she was by her husband and her family. It was such an incredible honor to be the one to tell this story ... to be able to create images that will be immediately and forever cherished by all those closest to Anna, as they were her last portraits taken. 

Let this serve as a reminder to all wedding photographers out there: our work is important. It's so much more than having a cool shot or a large Instagram following or lots of likes and shares. Our work is what people cling to when trying to understand life and death and all in between. We can't carry that lightly. 

I have to say a gigantic thank you to the incredible vendors I work with. First, to Richard Photo Lab for developing these images quickly, and second to RedTree Albums for rushing the production of their wedding album, and to both for donating half of the costs of these services. 

Anna's obituary can be found here.

UPDATE: I just spoke with a family friend, and it's estimated that between the medical bills and funeral costs, Anna's family is going owe about $50-$70k. Let's rally behind this family and help out. If this story has touched you in any way, I implore you to share the link to their donation page: