Brad & Jami at the George Dickel's Distillery

Handsome Brad tied the knot with the lovely Jami Leigh at the George Dickel's Distillery in Normandy, TN last weekend. It was probably the first chilly weekend of the year, but once the dancing started, everybody was plenty warm. I had a blast...I graduated from high school with Jami and saw tons of old pals. Here are my favorite images from their wedding:

Jami got dressed in a cave. Not really, but it was pretty dark in there-

Some of the bridesmaid had cold feet-

A few shots of the bride and groom-

Isn't she beautiful?-

Jami and her sister, Shelley-

I had Jami squat down to kid level for a shot with the ring bearer and one of the flower girls, but she lost her balance and took a tumble, kids and all!-

The smokin' hot bridesmaids-

Jami & Brad's whole crowd on a bridge they're hoping doesn't give way before they get off it-

Some mighty handsome fellas-

The guys were excited that I let them wear their sunglasses-

A few funny faces, anyone?-

Rings! And a pumpkin. I love fall-

Two peas in a pod-


A toast-

Dancing the night away-

One last shot for the night of the gorgeous tent that held the reception-

Even though I was pretty chili when the sun went down, I had a lot of fun with this crowd! Thanks for being so great!

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