Rather than being productive...

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Instead of getting somethings done while I'm waiting on the Fed-ex guy to get here with a photo order that needs to go to Shelbyville today, I'm blogging....

First, I wanted to give a big shout out to all the guys and gals at Cascade High School today. So far, the football team is undefeated! They play again tonight in the districts/regionals/playoffs/whatever its called; I'm not all that knowledgeable on my football terms. Just wanted to wish them good luck tonight! Here are a few shots of my sister the cheerleader when we headed out to a game a while back...

Sara is big buddies with Aimee Beth, whom you might recognize from her senior session.-

And here's one of my Mom. Did I mention she's the principal? And my Dad's a coach...my whole family is most likely to be found at the high school at any given point in time.-

I also wanted to share what my husband Joshy and I have been up to lately. We roped our friend Jeremy Howard into taking a few shots of us for our Christmas card this year. Here are my favorites-

10 points if you can tell me what movie this is from. Its one of our favorites.-

The next bunch are with my "Toy Camera", a.k.a my point-and-shoot. It's nothing fancy. Just before Halloween, we went to the Franklin Pumpkin Fest. It was rather festive.-

Joshy works at a bank, and enjoys random holidays off from work. This time, he had a Tuesday off for Veteran's Day. So, we decided to head to the Parthenon. Sure, we only live 15 minutes from it, and in the summer time I visit frequently for sessions, but we had never been inside since we've been living in Nashville (almost 4 years full time now!). So, we went. I had forgotten how humongous the Athena statue was.-

This was the door knob, I think-

And finally, we headed out of town for a night just to get away. We decided to go to Huntsville...they have a Denny's. I know it might sound strange, but Denny's is kinda our thing. Ask me about it sometime.-

That about wraps up what's been happening with me other that work, which you've been seeing anyway. I wanted to say thanks to everyone who reads my blog. I added a little web hits counter on Tuesday, and its already up to 200 hits!

Soon I'll have Jay, the cutest kid in a cowboy hat you'll ever see, and Brian & Audrie's engagement pictures. Tomorrow I'm shooting a wedding, and will post those ASAP, so keep checking back!!

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