Joseph & Carye

Joseph & Carye were my last couple to get hitched in 2008, and they finished up my year with lots of love. I can't say enough about how sweet the two of them were to each other. The ceremony was extra special; Joseph's dad performed the ceremony. Since this is my last wedding post for a while, I though I'd make it extra long to tide you over.

By the way, I'm about to introduce a new product in the new year, so stay tuned! And don't forget about my CD Print Release Sale...I've decided to extend it until my birthday, Jan 17th.

And now, for the pictures....

Here's Joseph getting ready-

Carye's rocking red shoes-

Joseph & Carye chose to see each other before the ceremony. Because they did, and because they were the first ones dressed, we were able to get lots and lots of pictures of the two of them.

One of my favorites from the day-

Finally, after what seemed forever, the rest of the wedding party arrived and got dressed. Here are the girls-

And the guys-

Here she goes down the isle. I love the shadows the lights in the sanctuary created on the ceiling-

A little ring swappin'-

Headed to the limo-

I got to ride in the limo too!-

I loved the cool, shiney ceiling in the limo-

Their reception was in Bell Buckle, so we made a pit stop at one of my favorite brick walls ever for a few more photo opps-

These next few are more of my very favorites from the day-

Arriving at the reception-

At this point in the day, I'm sure they were both sick of me putting a camera in their face and just wanted to be left to eat in peace! But, I said, "Ok, one more and I'll leave you alone for a bit!" I'm very happy with the results-

First dance-

And the boquet toss-

Thanks to Joseph & Carye for ending my 2008 wedding season with style. I love you guys!

And as always, thanks to my blog readers for checking in on things. Happy 2009!


Barbara said...

You are such an awesome photographer JB! I'm just in awe of the things you capture when you take the pictures! You truly have an amazing God given talent! Hope you have an amazing 2009 and enjoy your time in Europe! I'm so jealous! But hopefully, I can live vicariously through your photos! said...

love the red shoes with wedding rings!