Family pics in Utah

So, did you know that it's freakin' cold in Utah in January? I've found it out first hand. My husband and I are here visiting his parents for a week, and for part of their Christmas present, we got them a set of 10 frames with the promise of filling them with photos of the 6 of us, since we're spread across 3 states! So, that's what we 14 degree the snow...with no coats. What were we thinking?!?!! I don't know, but we got the pictures we needed, so it was worth it.Here's one of all 6 of us:

Joshy's younger sisters Ashley & Jessica. They're twins; Ashley lives in Utah & Jessica lives in North Carolina-

Us with the girls-

And finally one of the two of us-

I'll post a few others from my toy camera when I get home, I forgot to bring my plug. Ok, time to go outside...first I need to put on my layers: tights, knee high socks, 2 pair of regular socks, blue jeans, a tank top, a long sleeve shirt, a button up shirt, a sweater, my coat, 2 pair of gloves, a scarf, hat, and pair of golashes. And I'll still be freezing.

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Lissa Anglin said...

Thanks so much for the blog-love, Jenna!

And, by the way, your camera takes really nice pictures. Seriously.