I am officially on vacation!

Joshy and I are in Europe from March 15 until April 8.
Our itinerary: London- 2 nights; Paris- 3 nights; Barcelona- 3 nights; Florence- 1 night; Rome- 3 nights; Venice- 2 nights; Athens- 4 nights; Munich- 2 nights

For anyone trying to get in touch with me- forget it! Phones are not an option, and any internet time will be used to email my mom so she knows what's happening. I will do my best to blog a few updates with pictures while we're gone, but no promises. BTW-I'm truly going on vacation and I'm only taking my toy camera!

Any 2009 brides checking on date availability, click here. Anyone else wanting to schedule a session, give me a call after Easter and we'll get you in the books. Keep in mind, I'm already pretty booked for the first couple of weeks when I return, so the more flexible you are in scheduling, the better. Saturdays are flat not an option until August, and even then they're iffy. If you need anything else, I will get to it when I get home. I may be a little slow in answering at first as I get caught up on emails and jet-lag, so just be patient with me.

Thanks for reading! Catch you in a month!!!


sharon said...

Hey Jenna and Josh,

Wow, it was a very weird feeling leaving you at the airport knowing that i couldn't contact you at will! Hope you have fun. Looking forward to hearing from you as soon as you find a computer. "Mind the gap"!

Love you,

sharon said...

Good morning,

Hope you had a good flight and that all went well as you made your way to your hotel. It still looks a little "Londony" around here with lots of fog.