Mindng the Gap

I'm blogging from London where the internet is £1 per half hour, so I'll be brief. Our flight was good, but exhausting. We arrived safetly Monday morning and begain immediately seeing as much as possible....including: Big Ben, The London Eye, Westminster Abbey, St. James Park, Buckingham Palace, The Hard Rock Cafe, & Picadilly Circus. We managed to last until about 3pm before we crashed and burned...and took a 7 hr nap! We woke up in time to have a short dinner, then back to sleep for another 8. Jet-lag is the worst! But, we're caught up on sleep now, and on schedule, so that's good. Here are a handful of pics. First, us looking fabulous on the plane.-

Big Ben-

Buckingham Palace-

King's Cross Train Station, a.k.a, the Harry Potter Station.-

Us in front of Tower Bridge, just outside the Tower of London.-

Another view of tower bridge.-

As you can see, the weather has been perfect. Tomorrow we're catching a train through the Chunnel to Paris. So as the English say, "Cheers, mate!"


sharon said...

Wow! The sunshine is incredible! You lucked out on some perfect weather. Hope the chunnel ride was ok-gives me the willies to think about it! Keep on blogging! Have fun!
love, mom

sharon said...

Jennifer Cook called asking about pictures-they need one at the T-G and she wanted one of the latest birthday pictures...did you have time for those before you left?

Devon said...

Jenna and Josh-

It looks like you guys are having a blast. I wish I was there instead of working on these endless projects. I'm so jealous. Well keep having fun and be safe.