I've neglected my blog far too long

I have been home from Europe for a week and a half, and I've been so lazy! It's been hard getting back to work; too bad vacations don't last forever. Perhaps I'll win the lottery one day.

Anyway, I have been pretty busy with sessions. The weather last weekend was phenomenal, so I called up my best bud JoEllen for an impromptu shoot. She's been my guniea pig for a long time, and I owed her some new pictures. Here are a few of them...we were at the Ellington Ag Center.

Now I'm off to shoot the prom. This week I'll be posting Noah's 9 months, Miles's newborn, and Morgan & Aidan.

By the way, I wanted to say thanks to everyone who kept up with me while we were gone. We had a blast!

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JoEllen said...

What better way to spend a beautiful spring afternoon? Love the pictures and had an amazing time! Thanks a ton!