Our Big Fat Greek Vacation

Hello from Athens! Its so fantastic here...and we have been blessed with beautiful weather, once again. So, I think I left off in Venice in my last blog. Venice was such a nice place; one of my favorites so far. We took it easy in Venice and really let ourselves "be on vacation." We wandered the streets, rode the Vaparettos, and ate lots and lots of gelato. I'll admit, I was sad to say good bye to Italy, but we had to catch our ferry to Greece! That was an adventure. We spent 2 nights and one whole day on the ferry from the port in Venice floating through the Mediterranean Sea and arrived in Patras where we took a train to Athens. Then, we spent the whole day at the Acropolis seeing the ruins and the Parthenon. It was such a surreal feeling to see the actual Parthenon; it is a structure that is so familiar to me thanks to the time I've spent living in Nashville, yet it was so different from the one I'm used to. Not to knock the Greeks or anything, since theirs is the original, but I think ours is better ;)! Now we're about to head to the Temple of Zeus, and tomorrow we catch a plane to Munich. I won't be blogging again until I'm home on our couch, and for those of you waiting to hear from me about shoots, be patient with me! I'll get to you as soon as I can. Ok, picture time:
Here is the Grand Canal in Venice.

The Rialto Bridge in Venice.

St. Mark's Basilica. The entire ceiling on the inside is covered in gold mosaic...beautiful!

We went back to St. Mark's the next day to see it in the sunshine.

Sunset from the deck of the Ferry as we were leaving Venice.

This picture is fuzzy because I was taking it through a window. Its a boat just like the one we were on.

The Greeks can't decide if this is Zeus throwing a thunderbolt, or Posiedon throwing his trident. We decided it is Zeus.

The Acropolis!

Us with the real Parthenon in the background.

And finally, one of me with my feet in the Mediterranean Sea! We only spent about 10 minutes at the beach...neither of us like sand at all, and we burn way too easily to spend any time there during the day.

Well that's my last blog from abroad. I'll post Munich pictures when we get home.

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Molly said...

Beauuu-teeeee-ful, makes me so jealous! Safe travels home, welcome back to reality...