Josh & Ashley

Josh & Ashley got married last Saturday at the First Presbyterian Church here in Shelbyville. Although I usually enourage couples to see each other before the ceremony for the sake of pictures, this couple chose not to. Instead, they had a very limited reception, and left it fairly early; after leaving the reception, they just drove around to the back of the church and came right back inside. Since the ceremony was over, and all the guests had left, we had unlimited time to get pictures of the two of them, and no rush to get anywhere. It was wonderful! Of course, we still took plenty of the wedding party before the ceremony, but to have that specific time set aside after everything was finished was the perfect solution to not having the time before the ceremony. We were able to get some great stuff. Here are my favorites from the day.
Josh, the groom, never stopped smiling!-

Ashley & her ladies.-

Three of her bridesmaids were her sisters, including the little one.-

Rings on old books.-

The flower girl wasn't too sure about going down the isle. She made it eventually.-

I tried a new editing technique on this one, what do you think?-

Russ Countess was the minister performing the ceremony; he also married Joshy & me.-

The whole crowd. Don't you love the Tiffany blue dresses?-

They were way too nice with the cake.-

A quick boquet toss & some bubbles.-

All the rest of the photos were taken after the newlyweds had their sendoff. We hung around the church for a bit, then headed to the Capri Theatre. We would have continued on the square, but the rains came pouring down!-

I hope you had a blast on your honeymoon!
Next up...some engagements, I believe.


Molly said...

I love the last one--the floor is cool, and the background looks like fireworks exploded when they kissed! very cute, they look so happy.

Molly said...

me again--are you compiling an album (somewhere) of just ring shots? that would be cool for facebook or your gallery or some such...