Crews's 1st Birthday!

This kid makes my job so easy. He's so mellow and cool with whatever. He turned a year old on the 29th, and his birthday party was a couple of days later. We were able to do his first year session right before his party guests started to arrive...not something I would recommend for most babies, because a photo shoot and a party all at once can be overwhelming for a 1 year old! Not for Crews...just look at him grin!

Once we were done with his official 1 year session, it was time for cake!!!-

Once the cake was smashed, he had to have a quick bath before his nap.-

After a year of watching babies grow in front of my camera, I start to claim them as my own, so I needed a quick shot of me and Crews before I left. ;)-

Ok, I know in my last post I said I would put Randy & Jessica's engagements up next, but I was ready to post something other than wedding/engagements...just for a little change. Now I mean it...Randy & Jess are next.

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Molly said...

Your faithful blog checkers love watching these babies grow, too! Love the teeth, and love the cake pictures!! He is consistently a cutie!