That's amore!

Katie & Buster were such troopers when the heavens opened up and poured on their outdoor wedding plans. Luckily, the rain stopped long enough for the ceremony to go ahead as planned (though they had umbrellas ready!). The venue- La Dolce Vita- in Dickson was beautiful, and the authentic Italian food was delicious!! Here's Buster tying that tie.-

Such a ladies' man.-

I told you it was a beautiful place!

This guy burst into song at every opportunity.-

They cleaned out the umbrella section at the store...weren't they lucky to find umbrellas that matched the wedding colors?

Katie wanted to take a peek as the guests were arriving.-

The beautiful ceremony. The sun even peeped out for a minute.-

The receiving line; Katie is hugging Lacey, one of my brides from '06!

When we were done with picture, I told the wedding party to "Walk pretty!" They did.-


About to toss that boquet.-

And the first dance.-

Katie posted on her Facebook that she was "pretty much in love with her wedding pictures"...which makes me have such a warm fuzzy feeling on the inside! I love my clients!

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Molly said...

Spaghetti sauce + wedding dress????? Sets up a situation much like my red punch + wedding dress... near catastrophe!

Very pretty wedding, as always they all look so HAPPY... you have a great job!!