Yellow is my friend.

Josh and Leigh Ann...what can I say about these two? I'm certain you can tell by their glowing smiles in their photos how fun and in love they are...Their wedding was in May, and I love the yellow dresses! Here's Leigh Ann getting a little hair spray.-

Don't they look hawt!?-

Leigh Ann's lovely flowy gown.-

Busy year for these sisters: once graduated from high school, one got married, and one had a baby!-

Josh & his fellas.-

Leigh Ann's rockin' yellow shoes.-

The bridesmaids are lined up to go down the isle.-

And here's the whole crowd. Doesn't the black & white & yellow look yummy?-

A bite of cake.-

And leaving. If only someone had remembered to pull the car around for them!-

Because Josh & Leigh Ann chose not to see each other before the ceremony, and because their reception was so short and sweet, we had ample time after the reception to wander around and get photos of just the two of them. I love doing this whenever I have the chance, because there is no pressure for time and no distractions of guests, wedding party, or last minute details. The first few are at the old Harris Middle School, and we tracked down a school bus for the last few, just because they matched.

This last one is for me...of me. Can you see me?

Next post...Jessica & Randy's engagements.

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Barbara said...

Beautiful pictures! Love the color mixture!