Mr. & Mrs. Sears

As you may well know, I love to travel, so I'm always living vicariously through my brides and grooms when they tell me where they're going on their honeymoon...but Matt and Hillary made me downright jealous! They went to FORKS! Well, Seattle mostly, but Forks and La Push were major stops during their journey. For all you non-Twiligters out there, Forks is where Bella and Edward live. Needless to say, Hillary my kind of girl. Get to know them a little; here's their first look at each other:

A few pics outside. It was HOT.-

Hillary and friends.-

A little Abbey Road, anyone?-

The flower girl needed a little power nap before the ceremony.-

Matt & his mom.-

And Hillary with her dad.-


The cake with a topper from their engagement session.-

For all you Kristin Wiig fans..."Approved!"

These balloons were sooo cool!!!-

Now, I need to give a HUGE thanks to Mr. Jeremy Howard who accompanied me on very short notice. I wound up without a voice on Saturday, and Jeremy came along to be my voice for me. I don't know what I would have done without you, Jeremy!

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Sarah Simmons said...

I'm so jealous of their honeymoon too! BTW...I had no idea you were a Twilight fan! Wow, I discovered Twilight when I went to see the movie back in November and then I just had to read the books...I've read them like 3 times already!