Bobo-Carney Wedding

I know its been almost a month since this wedding, but cut me some slack...we've moved, been in and out of town, and have no internet at the new house yet! But, at last, here it is. Adam & Rachel got married at the First Christian Church in Shelbyville. It was overcast, but not nearly as hot as a July wedding could have been. My assistant, Melissa, tagged along on this one, and some of the images in this post are hers. I love working with Melissa, not only because she's a great photographer whose images blend seamlessly with mine, but also because she puts up with me barking at her all day long, and generally knows what to do with out me even asking. We make a pretty good team. Here is a recap of Mr. & Mrs. Carney's big day.

Rachel is such a gorgeous bride.-

Bridesmaids striking a pose.-

Adam with his brother, Josh, and groomsman Matt (far left). Matt happens to be my first cousin, and has been a groomsman in my weddings at least twice now.-


They're all gathered around an iPod that is as pink as their dresses.

The rock.-


Mom checking out the bling.-


The whole pink and black gang.-

I have to brag on this group of little girls. They moved as a pack, and did everything I asked the first time I asked it of them. Way to go!-

Father of the bride.-

And now for the handsome couple.-

The reception was at the Riverbend Country Club.


Here's a quick shot Melissa grabbed of me while I was getting a quick shot of Adam & Rachel.

And the two of us after a long day's work...we don't look too bad, eh?-

Huge thanks to Melissa, and enormous thanks to Adam and Rachel.

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