The darling Dearings

Before I tell you all about this wonderful family, I need to whine a little...I'm so sick of all this rain!!! Where's the sunshine? I've got so many of you in my book that I'm itching to shoot, and we keep having to reschedule because of the non-stop monsoon! Ok, rant over. Back to the Dearings: These people are the definition of naturals in front of the camera. We spent the afternoon close to home on my grandparents' farm, and wrapped up with a quick splash in the pool. I got a lot of great stuff, but these are my very favorites.

PS- The piano is in, the kitchen is painted, frames are hung, and now...prints for my office have arrived! My last major project for the house is now curtains for the office and master bedroom...and then pictures! I can't wait to show you all our new digs.

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