Jamie & Courtney

Jamie and Courtney got married Sept 12 at Edgemont. They were my first couple after my 7 week hiatus from weddings, and what a way to get my fall season started! They are such a wonderful pair of people, and boy do they know how to work the camera. Here's Courtney getting ready:

And Jamie getting pinned.-

I told you they know how to work it.-

I'm pretty sure the groomsmen thought I had just locked them outside when I grabbed this shot.-

Courtney...such a natural model.-

Look at how GQ Jamie is!-

Jamie and the ladies lining up.-

A moment with Courtney and her dad.-

The ceremony from the lobby...look at how cool the candles look.-

Mr. & Mrs. Bowling, just after the "I do."

My personal take on "The Last Supper" by Da Vinci.

Their guests sent them off with the ever popular bubbles.-

I love this one.-

One of my favorite things to do is to get in the car with the bride and groom as they leave. It gives me a completely different perspective from anyone else, and they're usually my favorite images. Plus, its usually the only time during the day that I'm truly alone with my couples, and I feel like it gives them a chance to just relax and let me click away while they soak in everything that just happened.

Thanks Courney and Jamie! You guys totally rocked the house!

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