Jena & Erick, a few months later

I met Jena and Erick not too long ago, and when they found out I was a wedding photographer, they immediately began lamenting their choice for their October '08 wedding. So, we made plans to give them some photos they would love. I had fun shooting around their family's farm in Bell Buckle, though it did seem kinda funny when I was calling out my own name to my subject!

Tomorrow I sorta go back to work...its my first wedding after a 6 week break. Now, I'm trucking through until Halloween, and then I'm done for the year! 2010 is already filling up, by the way. I'm at 8 weddings so far, and you know I don't take any more than 20.

Speaking of work, I mentioned a couple of posts down that Joshy got a job, but I didn't give many other details, now did I? He's working part time as a teller at Heritage South Credit Union here in Shelbyville. He was a teller in Nashville before we moved, and he seems to be settling in nicely, I think.

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Molly said...

These are so good, her dress is gorgeous... and it helps that your brides are all so beautiful already!!! You should advertise as "Jenna Henderson--Photographer for Attractive People" :)