Wait...what time is it there?

Did you know, when its 6pm in Chattanooga, its only 5pm here? Its true. See, here's what happened: Tracy and family live in Atlanta, and she scheduled their session during their vacation to Chattanooga. We planned to meet at 5pm, but unfortunately, neither of us considered the fact that we were in different time zones, and they wound up waiting on me to show up for an hour! And all along, I thought I was arriving on time. Thankfully, they were very understanding, and we still had a fabulous shoot. By the way, Tracy is also a photographer...talk about pressure! Meet Tracy, Bill, Sam, and Jack-

Tracy brought these capes along for Sam and Jack. Aren't they the coolest things ever?!

The park we were in had fountains that squirted from the ground, and Jack was itching to get in them, so I had to grab just a few of him splashing around.-

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