Chris & Callie

I'm so excited to share this wedding with you all! I adore this couple and their farmhouse wedding. When I woke up the morning of Chris and Callie's wedding to rain (what else, right?), I was afraid their outdoor wedding was going to be ruined. But luck was on our side, and the clouds cleared to reveal the gorgeous blue sky just in time for the ceremony. The farm wedding was cozy and personal, and I fell in love with my two subjects for the day. First, Callie getting ready-

And Chris prepping for the day.

Rings on spools of thread.-

Chris and Callie only have eyes for each other.-

Blue, much?-

Yes, its a horse trailer. Not the strangest thing I've done, right?-

The lovely ladies.-

What do a groom + 7 groomsmen + a preacher equal? This.-

There's everyone! Do you love the purple as much as I do?-

Details, details, details. Callie's wonderful sister Katie is holding this bouquet.-

How now, brown cow?

I enjoyed their ceremony so much. I don't know Chris and Callie very well, but the preacher told the story of them and caught us all up to date.-

I may or may not have heard several sniffles from the front rows as Chris read his vows.-

Just after the ceremony, the 3 of us hopped in this super cool truck and drove off into a field for a few more shots as guests shifted to the reception tent.-

The next few make me giddy I love them so much.-

Have I ever mentioned how much I love my clients? Its true.-

Back at the reception, Callie shows us all how to make feeding cake totally sexy.-

Guest greeting.-

Such a perfect evening.-

Chris, Callie, Katie, and everyone: I couldn't have asked for better people to spend my day with! Thanks for including me in your wedding. Can't wait for the post-wedding bridal session in a couple of weeks!


Molly said...

LOVE these!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Where did this wedding take place? love the location!