His name was Jonny...

..a fact I found out only after he was half way finished and I realized we hadn't even been introduced. The pain was terrible, the nerves made my hands shake, and the string of four letter words that came out of my mouth while that needle was buzzing shouldn't be repeated. But in the end, it was worth it.

Its perfect.

Its my tattoo!

Here's the backstory: I decided a while ago that I wanted to get a tattoo of my beloved H on the inside of my left wrist. I've been talking about it, and testing it out with Sharpie and henna for a while, and I set the date to get inked for just after the end of my wedding season. So, on Sunday, Joshy and I headed to Kustom Thrills Tattoo in East Nashville, and I did it! JoEllen came along for moral support and Melissa came to shoot it for me. Devon was there in spirit. I'll be honest: it hurt. A lot. I'm sure I was pretty wussy about it, even though it only took Jonny about 6 minutes from start to finish. It really isn't all that big, and probably pretty dinky compared to a lot of you out there who have bigger, badder ink. But to me, its a pretty big deal. Here are the pics documenting it:
Here's my darling Melissa who took time out of her Sunday to come take over the camera for me.-

Joshy was there of course. He brought a book incase he couldn't watch.-

Typical faces for me and JoEllen.-

Jonny and I discussing the design details.-

I was in the chair by this point. Everything here on out is kinda a blur.-

I couldn't watch! But, JoEllen had a great point of view, so I watched her face as she looked on and said things like, "Oh! It looks so good!" It made me feel better.-

There he goes!-

Done! I did it!!!!-

Getting bandaged up...-

And here's the final product, and all white ink tattoo about the size of a quarter. Its an H made from a capital J and lower case b, encompassing all my initials in one. I love it!!!
I told my mom today. She raised her eyebrow, sighed a little and said, "Well...it's your arm!" Yes. Its my arm.


JoEllen said...

Awww...love you!

amethyst1e said...

That's almost the same thing my mom said when I got my nose pierced: "Well, it's your nose."

Must be a Mom thing.

It looks spectacular and I envy your courage.

Danielle McCann Photography said...

I LOVE it Jenna Brie!! You are much braver than I... even a quarter-sized tattoo makes me shudder. LOL! It's great that you got one that means something though. Too often I see them (like my sister's) and ask what they mean and the person will shrug and say "It was cute". lol. :)