Mr. & Mrs. Howell

Logan and Chelsea's October 24th wedding marked the official end to my wedding season. Of course, they're not the last for the year (one in November, one in December), but no longer is my life quite as wedding crazy. At least not until May 2010. By the way- any of you 2010 brides looking for a date, May & June are completely full, and July is getting there! If you need to book, now is the time. Ok- back to these two. Their wedding was at the fabulous Factory in Franklin. If you've never been, its worth spending your afternoon their one day. Lots of fun. Here's Chelsea, getting ready.-

They had this H on the floor going down the isle...I love it. Its so similar to my tattoo!-

Yes, I know. I have an amazing job where I get to hang out with gorgeous people all day.-

And if you're wondering who she reminds you of, I'll tell you: Carrie Underwood. Don't you think?-

Possibly my favorite from the whole day.-

Wedding party, ftw.-

Some game was playing. I kept hearing updates all day.-

I think my favorite person in this shot is the flower girl on the right. She is not messing around!-

Ok, I lied. This is my favorite. Or the next. I can't make up my mind.-

Bling bling.-

Check out the rocks!-

Chelsea with her dad right before walking down the aisle.-

All done!-

Logan was so chill. He literally got married not 3 minutes ago, and what does he do? Play guitar hero, of course.-

Their entrance to the reception.-

Note: black icing WILL turn your mouth black.-

A little rockin' and rollin' on the dance floor.-

Then a few more with that awesome car.-




Shout out to these 4 fabulous ladies who helped me out with this one.-

And that's that. I'm so happy I got to spend this totally awesome day with these people. Amazing clients like this and like you all are why I love my job, and I'm so thankful that I get to do what I do. Its all because of you. Thanks for reading. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your families.

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