Ode to the blog

I talk about you all to other people. I mean, I'll tell one client about another, especially if you both have something in common. When I do, more often than not, folks say back to me, "Oh yeah, I saw that. I'm a blog-stalker." It flatters me more than anything, really. Of course, I stalk a few blogs myself, so I thought I'd share. First, a few photo blogs I can't live without:
Carrie Sandoval
Jose Villa
Kelly Moore
The Image is Found - I'll be attending their workshop in Vegas in March!
Southern Wedding Magazine
Of course, this list could be miles long, but these are some of my favorite. I draw inspiration from these photographers daily.

Of course, not all the blogs I read are wedding/photo related. This is my list of the most time wasting, I-can't-believe-that-what-were-they-thinking, entertaining blogs on the interwebs...well, in my opinion at least. You should take a look, but only if you're bored and want to spend lots of time on the computer.
There, I fixed it.
Cake Wrecks
Awkward Family Photos
People of Walmart
Post Secret

I feel like I'm forgetting one of my staples. I'll let you know if I remember. What do you read?

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