Ryan & Chandra

The first Saturday in October always is my favorite weekend of the whole year to shoot a wedding, and its because without fail, the weather is flawless. This year proved my point. Ryan and Chandra got married at North Boulevard Church of Christ in Murfreesboro, and partied at the Embassy Suites. Chandra looked as gorgeous as ever, and Ryan wasn't too shabby himself. My slave, Melissa, shot with me. Here are they guys with their sunglasses to start us off.-

Chandra wore her mother's veil.-

Boom! Rings!-

This is Melissa's shot..see me crouched in the background?-

I believe I've mentioned before how much I love car shots.-

The details at the Embassy Suites were phenomenal.-

I think they ran out of cake...it was just too small. I kid, I kid...look at the size of that thing!-

Double trouble, right there.-

And, my favorite shot of the night.-

If you missed Chandra's bridals, go have a look. Next in my wedding queue is the Helton wedding in Bell Buckle.

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