Big changes are coming....

I'm officially beginning the countdown to my new website & blog...Chase and I plan to sit down and get this thing up and running right around New Year's, so just about 2 weeks until the launch! I'm totally excited.

I also wanted to take a second to thank you all for your sweet words after my venting. I have had several messages and hugs, and it means so much to me. I have decided to take some time off this winter, so from my birthday (January 17th) until Valentine's Day, I am shutting down completely. During that time I will not be scheduling any shoots nor filling any orders. I will still be meeting with 2010 brides if necessary, but that's about it. I plan on spending most of my time doing other things...playing my piano, trying new recipes, getting involved in the local theatre, and maybe even shooting some film, just for me. Joshy and I will also be going on our vacation at some point during that month. I know a couple of you are waiting on Storybooks and a few other things, and they will be taken care of before my hiatus. Then, in March, I'm going to Las Vegas for the WPPI convention and a workshop with The Image is Found. I'm hoping the combination of a little time off as well as the workshop and company of other photographers will leave me refreshed and excited and ready to tackle my 2010 season. I'm also making it a goal to get better at seperating home time from work time, so I don't get burned out again.

Ok, I think that's about all I need to update you on for now. There will be more updates when the new site is launched, but I'll point it all out in due time.

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