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Southern Wedding Magazine, which is my favorite blog on the interwebs, is having a photo contest of pictures of your friends holding/reading their magazine, and I entered! The prize is an iPod touch...hello! I just need you to vote. There are 20 photos in the contest, and 2 of them are mine!!! You can either vote for #3 or #20, but I say we all get behind photo #3:

In this photo are some of the best people on the planet. They took time out of their Thanksgiving weekend to come out to the farm in dresses and ties and pose with a magazine! I'm sure you recognize them: Jessica & Randy Helton are on the left, Courtney Bowling is standing in the truck, Josh & Leigh Ann Young are on the right, and my dear ol' Joshy himself is sitting on the ground for me...he was a 'stand-in' groom ;).

To vote, all you have to do is leave a comment on at this link:
Just scroll to the bottom of the page, and type in your vote in the comment box. Easy, right?

As a thank you, I will make a donation for the cost of an iPod Touch the Salvation Army. So not only do I win, others win too.

This is photo #20, which I also love:

You might also notice this photo on their blog, but its not in the contest, just a feature.

I also submitted this photo, but they didn't chose it for the top 20. I just think its sweet and wanted to share:

Ok, get to it!!!

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