2009 in Review

Now that the New Year is here, I think its high time I made an official list of my goals. These aren't New Year's Resolutions...they've been my goals for a while now and probably will continue to be goals. So while it's nothing I'm resolving to begin to do with the new year, it is a good time to put them out in the open with a renewed sense of purpose. And I'll need you to keep me accountable to them! So here's my To Do list:
Shoot for myself more, including stuff with my Toy camera.
Push my photography, including mastering off camera lighting and white balance.
Add equipment to my bag.
Separate work time from home time better.
Know when to say no.
Make my blog more personal.
Cut back on excessive spending/eating out.
Get off the laptop and get things done.
Get published in a bridal magazine/blog.

Now for a look back on 2009...Now that my new blog has launched, all my photos from here out are going to be huge! Unfortunately the old pictures won't get bigger, just new posts. So, I decided to go back and pick out my very favorite pictures from 2009 and have a post reviewing my year.

We started off the year packing up and moving from out beloved apartment in Nashville to my hometown in Shelbyville. Although we loved living in Nashville, I was just spending way too much time on the road driving back and forth for work. My desk...leaving its first home:

Just after we moved, we spent an entire month in Europe! Countries visited included England, France, Spain, Italy, Greece, and Germany. It was just the two of us traveling around, and it was the best trip we've taken yet. Occasionally, I still get a craving for some mint gelato from Venice! Below are my favorite photos from Europe; us at the Eiffel Tower, Joshy 'pushing' the Leaning Tower of Pisa, and the two of us in front of the original Parthenon (we agreed the one in Nashville is better.):



When we got home, it was time to settle in to Shelbyville and begin our house hunt. We didn't have to look far before we found the perfect home for us, right in the heart of Deason near all of my family. The location is perfect, the house is perfect, and I'm glad to call it home. We got our keys in July:

It didn't take us long after we got settled to realize we had a lot of space for just 2 people, so we added to our family and got a cat! Moses has made our couches his personal domain, and he entertains us daily with the crazy cat things he does:

Then, in November, I made the leap and got a tattoo! You can read all about that little adventure here. The results are perfect, and I'm so proud of my little white JBH on the inside of my wrist:

Now for some of my favorite images of the year.
Josh & Leigh Ann's engagement in March:

Crews turned 1 in May and demolished a cake:

Lexi was born in July, and is snug as a bug in a rug:

Beautiful Addison from this fall:

Noah and family at Cannonsburg in early October:

Some outstanding seniors; Hope in a swing...

...Kyle with his horse...

...and brave Martha at the lake.

Finally, my very favorite wedding images from 2009.
John & Kristyn Gutierrez, April 25:

Stephen & Kelly Russell, May 30:

Andrew & Brenner's rings, July 25:

Chris & Callie engagements....

...and wedding on September 26. This is my favorite image from the whole year:

Ryan & Chandra Porter, October 3:

Logan & Chelsea Howell, October 24:

Of course, I could have put dozens more photos up here, but out of all my images, these are the ones I love the most. So, here's to 2010! I can't wait to see what's in store for me.

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Callie said...

yay! we made it in your favorites =) mom was so proud haha....your new site is fantastic, very you =)