Adam & Adama, the day after Christmas

So normally, I don't like to take December weddings. It's a busy month, both personally and professionally, and throwing weddings in the mix makes it even crazier. But then Sarah called...and I couldn't say no to a repeat customer! So I took her December 19th wedding. I told myself, "One last wedding for 2009, and then I'm done!" So the 19th came and went, and the next day, as I was having pancakes with some gal pals, I announced how I was officially finished with my 2009 weddings, and how I was looking forward to 2010. Not 30 seconds after I got that out of my mouth, my phone rang...

It was Diane. She's the mother of Marisa (whom I've mentioned at the end of this post). It turned out that Adam, her son, had proposed to his beautiful girlfriend Adama, and they were getting married. In a week. So, I shot one more wedding for 2009 on the day after Christmas. Talk about a perfect way to finish 2009! I love these people. They're great clients, and I felt so honored that they called me for another wedding in the family. Of course, another chance to catch up with Michael & Marisa was welcome. In fact, at Jason & Kim's wedding in November, I jokingly said, "So who's going to get married next so we can hang out again?"'s our answer. Who knew?

I just wish I could get my house to look so gorgeous in a week or less!

Their flower girl loved her dress...she kept picking it up and carrying it around like a princess:

Beautiful Adama. I loved her birdcage veil!

Their ceremony by the fireplace. So sweet:


I love this one...look at how Adam is looking back at his mom, Diane:

We stepped outside for some brief portraits. I wish I could have had more time with this fabulous pair:


Back inside for toasts:

The siblings' traditional pose. If only I could describe to you how tall these brothers are:


So I realized that 4 of my couples were present at their wedding! Michael & Marisa, Adam & Adama, Luke & Jessica (5/1/10) and Kyle & Meagan (6/12/10). I'm kicking myself for not getting a picture of them all at once! Three of my grooms are in this one, though. Best I can do, I guess:


The end! Literally. That's my last wedding of 2009. Since I'm now well in the swing of my off season/hiatus, I don't have much more to share. I'll find something to post, though. I can't stay away.

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what a cool crew! i cant believe their names are so similar.