One on One with Tracy

You've met Tracy before...I photographed her and her lovely family back in September. Well, Tracy is a photographer in Atlanta, and wanted to come all the way up to little ole Deason, Tenn for a photo lesson/workshop with me! I was very flattered to say the least, and pretty excited. I've always wanted to teach, but I've never wanted to actually be a teacher. Does that make any sense? Anyway, Tracy gave me the chance to give teaching a try. I really enjoyed it; in fact, if someone else were to ask, I'd probably do it again. We'll see. We spent Friday morning discussing everything camera related over breakfast, then had a practice shooting session with JoEllen in the afternoon. Saturday she came over to the house and we delved into the business aspect of it all. Be sure to check out her website:

I didn't actually shoot much on Friday, I mostly watched/instructed. I did grab these shots, though. One of Tracy shooting, and the other two of JoEllen. Thanks to Tracy for coming all the way to Tennessee...and thanks JoEllen for modeling!



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JoEllen said...

Had a great time, ladies! Maybe next time we can do it when it's not so cold out? :)