Stop Motion Animation

I told you I may or may not have a video treat for you..and here it is! Last week, the ever amazing Jose Villa (i.e., one of the photographers the rest of us photographers drool over), was holding a contest where the prize was a scholarship to his workshop in Mexico. But it gets better...not only would you get to go to the 4 day, $3500, sold-out workshop for free, it was also all expense paid trip. That's right, folks. Plane tickets and hotel included! He was even throwing in a spa treatment. Hello! I can do contests! Even this super challenging one, where our entries had to be a 12 second video. Let me tell you, 12 seconds is intense. It's not a lot of time to get your point across. Not to mention the fact that I know ZERO about video. I don't even think my cell phone would do video. So, naturally, I called upon my buddy and local video guru, Ian. We put our heads together, spent a couple of hours in a cold McQuiddy gym, and a few more at his kitchen table, and this is our stop motion result:

StopMotion from Ian C on Vimeo.

(Watch it full screen for the full effect)

Isn't it completely awesome! Unfortunately, I didn't make the top 4 (as chosen by can see the top 4 here). If I had made the top 4, I know I would have been packing my bags for Mexico because all of you lovely blog readers would have voted until your fingers fell off, and knowing I have that kind of support is amazing.

Even though I didn't win, I still have this really awesome stop motion video, which is pretty cool if you ask me, considering we created it concept-to-upload in a matter of hours. The words at the end were different for the contest, but the incredible Ian changed them for me so I can use this as a promotion for destination weddings.

Speaking of, in case you haven't noticed, Joshy and I love to travel. And what better way to travel than to go somewhere to shoot a fabulous wedding?! I would love to shoot your destination wedding. Or, if you're getting married at home, and your home happens to be somewhere beyond the southeast, I would love to come to you. And who knows? It may be cheaper than you think. So, send me an email or give me a call, and let's chat.

Oh, by the way, the song on the video is "New Soul" by Yael Naim, played as a piano solo by Matthias Grabi (both available on iTunes). We sped it up a little so it would fit snuggly in the 12 second time frame.


Jennifer said...

OK--I'm just gonna say it. How in the world did that girl in the hat with the fake mustache make it over you? I mean, hers wasn't even stop motion, was it?? TRAVESTY!

Jenna Henderson said...

Jennifer- I agree! Thanks for your support!

Tracy Anderson said...

Amazing video. Love it