And just like that... off season has come to a screeching halt. Shoot today, tomorrow, 3 next week, and my first wedding of 2010 on the 13th. I enjoyed it while it lasted! Today, I had the pleasure of running around the Adventure Science Center with Patrick & Caitlin for their engagement session. That's right, I said TODAY! And I'm already blogging! Look at how on top of things I am! I wonder how long it will last. Anyway, back to the session: I haven't been to the Adventure Science Center since I was a kid. My granny used to take me and my cousins pretty often, but then we got older and stopped going. It was so much fun, running around, hitting all the buttons on the exhibits to see what they would do! Seriously. I got a little carried away. I did manage to take a few pictures, here and there.






I'm mad at myself over this one a little. Don't get me wrong, I love the way this one turned out. But, looking back, as I was editing I suddenly realized what I should have done to make it better. Ugh!




After all of our fun at the Science Center, we made a quick stop by Dragon Park. I'm not really sure how I managed to live in Nashville for almost 5 years without ever going to this place.




Tomorrow I'm going to Brentwood to meet 1 week old Sophia. Perhaps I'll continue to stay ahead, and have another blog tomorrow??? Don't hold me to it.

Also, I'm hosting a HUGE contest to celebrate my studio's 4th anniversary! To enter, email me one of your favorite photos of either you or your immediate family, and tell me why it's your favorite. The deadline is midnight on Friday, March 5. After the entry deadline has passed, I'll post all the photos & stories on my blog, and everyone will get the chance to vote. The winner will receive a $250 gift certificate! Get those photos to me ASAP!

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