Contest Entries: Time to VOTE!!!

Ok all you people out there in the interwebs, it's time to vote! Get your family and friends on over here to click for their favorite. The photo with the most votes will win a $250 gift certificate, good for a whole year. Voting closes a week from today, that is Sunday, March 14 at midnight. The winner will be announced shortly after.

Here are the entries, in no particular order:

Carrie Beth B: "I love this picture because it's of Colton :)"

Nikki M: "This is a picture of my son, Ashton Bryce Pelletier. It is my fav pic b/c I caught him in a pose I have never seen him do before and I didn't encourage!"

Brandi R: "This picture is my favorite cause u can see in my eyes how much in love I am. It was also a fun picture to take."

Julie Smith: "This is actually a self portrait! I took this picture when I was camping with my family in Tim's Ford Lake. My fav place. I love this picture because it takes me back to our trip and I have the best memories of being at the lake with my precious family!"

Ashley S: "The entire newborn session means so much to us because of what we had recently been through when she was born finding out she has Down syndrome and the heart condition. The session symbolized strength and life to us! I chose this one photograph because to me it reflects Charlotte's new place in the world. I love how you can see the outside in this picture, and then see this beautiful, tiny creature who is ready to be a part of it. I also love the simplistic nature of the photograph, and the use of lighting - it shines perfectly on her sweet face!"

Patti G: "This was after conquering breast cancer when my family and Devon did the Susan G. Komen race for the cure."

Carrie P: "This is my favorite picture of me with my oldest daughter Hannah. Why? Because, it shows the joy we feel in our lives, it shows the unconditional love we feel for each other, and it shows the bond we have, that will never be broken. This photo was taken while we were living our everyday life…happy at home…happy to have one another."

Stephanie H: "I fell in love with photography about three years ago. The self portrait that I am submitting is one of my favorites because it is one of my very first. The composition is beautiful and the shadow creates a second face."

Lawrence P: "This is a picture of myself, my brother, and several of my cousins. This is one of my favorites because every year we like to try something new, and this year we decided to go to Normandy Lake, they live in Virginia so they don't usually come here. My family is precious to me, and I enjoy every moment i spend with them."

Shirley S: "My daughter and son-in-law. This was a vacation to Tybee Island, Georgia and I love this picture."

Brenda C: "Daddy was always always in the floor. The children, and Momma, always looked forward to “floor” time with Dad."

Callie W: "This picture is a product of a twenty year tradition in my family to celebrate Christmas. Since 1990 we have dressed as the Beatles, cave people, 1920's mobsters, moonshine hillbillies, KISS, and Grand Ole Opy stars etc. Costumes are made from scratch with materials coming from junk stores, Goodwill, and yard sales. For the most part it is something we look forward to doing as a family, although we have had to battle the elements such as snow, cold creek water, freezing temperatures and rain. This was our 20th Christmas card and a very special one for me because we have added someone to our new husband Chris =)"

Meredith B: "This is one of my favorite pics of my boys. They were playing and I wanted a pic that showed the love between them. I think it's so cute with Elijah's hair sticking up and Austin with his cheesy smile. I love my babies."

Laura S: "Obviously this picture is not of any blood relative, but Gracie Love is my family. I might have rescued her from the shelter, but she has truly been my saving grace. Grace is not always easy to live with, but she makes me laugh and helps me see through to the other side. I like this picture for so many reasons. It is nice to see her posed so obediently, though not entirely paying attention to me because, as always, she is alert and ready for some new adventure. I like that you can see her intelligence and intensity reflected in her face, but her ears remain as flippant and playful as she is. And of course, she simply looks handsome against the light and color of a small town courthouse lawn in autumn."

Julie Sanborn: "This is my favorite picture. It was taken when Clayton was 6 months old. I think he has the sweetest face and my face shows all the love I have for my little miracle!"

Shannon D: "One reason I picked it is because it has two of God's blessings for me- Eli and Kendall. Another is that it makes me think of how Kendall will always have her big brother to hold on to- even after Jay and I are gone. It is a wonderful feeling knowing that they will always have each other!"

Caitlin N: "This picture was taken when I was on my internship with the Disney. Towards the end of my internship, I mentioned to my roommate how fun it would be to dress up like Dorothy and take pictures in the Munchkinland scene. She gave me a funny look and said, "Well, I have a Dorothy you want to borrow it?" OF COURSE I did! So after my shift one day, I braided my hair, donned my roommate's Dorothy costume, and took pictures in the Wizard of Oz room. The park had already closed, so while my fellow cast members parked vehicles and closed the ride up for the night, I frolicked through Oz with the Munchkins."

Leigh Ann Y: "This picture sums up the life of the Young's. This is what a relationship is all about "Laughter". I believe that God intended for marriages to be fun, and full of the point you are both laying in the floor in fetal position laughing so hard you can't breath, your stomach is cramping, and you both have tears streaming down your face! Laugh no matter how silly you look doing it. Marriage is a beautiful gift from God...enjoy that gift and cherish every moment you have, we aren't promised tomorrow. This could possibly be one of the most forgettable pictures posted to some, but to me, it is a reminder of one of the reasons my heart beats with so much happiness!"

Britney W: "Of course, I had to enter little Aiden! This is my all-time-favorite pic of him. It was on our first family vacation to the beach and the expression on his face speaks much louder than words!"

Keely G: "This picture captured everything that is Ava. She is a spirited little
girl that oozes fun and laughter. This is by far one of my favorites!"

Becky B: "This is a picture I took of Miss Ava. This was her first photo shoot or so she thought and she was practicing. I just love it!"

Chose your favorite below. Only vote once, please:


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