Contest Winners!

Congrats to Nikki Manier! She is the winner of a $250 gift certificate, good towards a session, books, prints, etc.

But she's not the only winner....surprise! Everyone who had more than 100 votes has won a $50 gift certificate! Those winners are: Carrie Beth Boyce, Carrie Perryman, Callie Wolfe, Julie Sanborn, & Becky Butts. Email me to claim your prize!

Congrats to all the winners! And a HUGE thanks to everyone who entered and voted. I loved seeing your favorite photos and hearing your stories. Thanks for sharing something so special to you with me.

And now for me to's one of my favorite photos. It's a picture of my 3 cousins and sister, (L to R) Tyler, John, Sara Elizabeth, and Drew. If you've ever seen my computer desktop, you've seen this photo....I put folders of projects I'm working on in their hands, and they keep me organized. I took it in 2006; it was my grandparents' 50th anniversary, and the first anniversary for me and Joshy. I love it because it always reminds me of that casual summer evening with my family. Plus they just look pretty cool jumping off the hay bale.


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