Baby girl Blake

I know I've ignored my blog a little this week. I really try to get something up every other day, or close to it, but I haven't blogged since Sunday! Honestly, I just haven't had that much going on. I've been shooting pretty regularly, and amazingly, I've continued to be able to stay ahead and caught up on my work. So caught up, in fact, that I have nothing to edit as we speak!

Tonight I'm hitting the road with JoEllen to make my annual trek to her hometown of Paris, Tennessee for the World's Biggest Fish Fry! Oh, yes. I can taste the grease now. JoEllen and I trade out, you see. She treats me to the catfish in the spring, and come August, she'll be my guest at the Celebration. It's a win/win. I've got my camera packed, so if we make it to the catfish races, I'll be sure to share.

Now for some pictures. This is baby Blake, a three month old with major surgery in her near future. She's a pretty tough gal, though. I have no doubt she'll be able to handle it easy peasy.



Such a girly girl with her hats and pearls.

"Sweet buns"

It's nice to know that Blake is always safe, since she has Spiderman as her big brother.



Up next, will be boy Blake's 6 month session.

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