Don't squish the daffodillys

Sara Elizabeth is a junior, and therefore is attending prom this year. She went and got her hair done did for practice last week, so while she was looking good, she slipped on her dress and we had ourselves a mini session. These first 5 are digital.






These next three are film. Once again, they have had zero post processing. Along with the feel of the images, and the fact that I don't have to post process, one of the best things about film images is how forgiving they are. For the digital images above, I spent quite a bit of time not only adjusting color/contrast, but also polishing up Sara E herself...her softball-sized bruise on her left shoulder, scars from her last surgery, and the faintest remnants of last summer's tan lines. But in the film images, they all but disappear with out a single click in Photoshop.





Thanks to Photoshop and the digital world, we can't believe anything when it comes to photos anymore. You can believe these.

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