I'm so mad at myself!

I mean, MAD! And sick with regret. Ugh. I spent a whole 24 hours in Paris, TN and wound up without a single picture on film. Why? I left my lens at home. I had my film camera, film, and batteries. I had grand plans of documenting my trip on film, loving the pictures, and posting them here. Instead, I walked right out my door and drove 3 hours away from my camera bag without stopping to grab a single lens out of it. How stupid can I get? Ugh. That's all I can say. UGH!

Frustrations aside (ugh), I did at least have my Toy camera. Although they're no where near as lovely as my film pictures would have been (ugh), I'm glad I was able to take pictures at all. The Fish Fry is an annual trip for me. JoEllen is always so gracious to take me home with her and let me hang out on the farm in Henry County for a day or so. This trip was as wonderful as the ones in the past, except Joshy wasn't able to come; he had to work. Luke came along though...here are the 3 of us in the catfish tent having a plate full of awesome.



The carnival was rainy, but cotton candy mustaches made it better.

Anyone need any asparagus? JoEllen's parents have 2 acres worth, and would be happy to share!

This picture was not taken on film. Ugh.

This is what asparagus looks like when it's growing. I'd never seen it in the ground before. And here are my boots. How I could remember my boots and not a lens, I'm not sure. Ugh.

A lesson on growing asparagus from Ernie Diggs himself.

And then the rain came. Sorry about the raindrop in front of your face, Luke.

No trip to Paris is complete with out a visit to the Eiffle Tower.


It's true. We played in the rain.


And right then, God showed up.

Before we headed back to Nashville, Janice fixed us a good country dinner...complete with asparagus casserol, naturally. (Hi Janice! Thanks for the food, and for reading my blog!)

So there is my non-film (ugh) post. If I continue to hate myself this much, I'm going to have to make up for it...maybe I'll be able to remember my lens this time.

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