It's a pic-a-nic basket!

Joshy and I went on a picnic last weekend. We took the quilt that we got for our wedding; the one that we took on our road trip & to concerts, sat on at picnics & movies in the park, cuddled under at the drive in, and may or may not have set on fire with sparklers one fourth of July. I'm not usually sentimental about too many things, but I feel myself getting a little attached to this one. Naturally, I have a picture or two from this weekend, snapped on film.


R1- 3cb

I made it a personal goal of mine to shoot images of me and Joshy more often. Nothing fancy, just daily life cataloged in a picture. I'm also trying to do better at getting these snapshots off my Toy camera, and into an album of some sort. I'm proud to say I've successfully made albums for 2008, 2009, our Chicago trip, our Caribbean cruise, and our Europe vacation. I also have all of our personal photos backed up on discs and kept neatly & clearly labeled in our fire safe. Sadly, I have no clue where photos from appx. May 2005 through early summer 2007 are, if they even exist at all. I miss them; I'd love to look back at us as newlyweds, and see how much we've changed. I won't make the mistake of ignoring my own photos again.

I'd like to challenge you all to take the time to preserve your own snap shots, in a way more than a forgotten Facebook album. Get them into photo albums & books...something more tangible than the internet or digital storage. I mean, think about it: when you're looking at the photos of your parents' & grandparents' pasts, or even your own baby photos for that matter, are you scrolling through a gallery on a computer, or flipping through a book in your lap? Just something to think about, I suppose.


I'm Kristen said...

CUTE! ps. How are you all doing? I think about you guys every now and again... loooking forward to hearing news about a little goober whenever that happens ;) TMI for a blog comment? Whatevs haha HUGS!

Ian Cresswell said...

Would "pic-a-nic basket" by any chance be referring to the old school Scarlett Pimpernell movie?