Pass the bunny cake, please

I've had a lot of wonderful response from my film post. I have a feeling film is going to be a part of my life now, so stay tuned.

At lunch today, my Granny said something that made me think of a really great blog topic. And guess what....I've forgotten completely what it was. The other day, she was talking to me about my blog, how she likes my writing as much as my pictures. I like it too. I was a writer originally, did you know that? It's true. I really started to love writing when I went to Governor's School (nerd alert!). Then, thanks to a wonderful English teacher my senior year in high school, I continued to cultivate my skills; I was even lucky enough to write a weekly column for the Times Gazette. So, naturally when I went to Lipscomb, I was on the path to major in Journalism. I delved into it head first, too, writing both for the Lipscomb student newspaper as well as their public relations department during my freshman year.

Deep down inside, however, I knew I wasn't meant to be a writer. Not in the professional sense, at least. Even though at the time I didn't want to admit it to myself, I knew my calling was photography. At the time, I thought it was an impractical job, and I didn't want to be a starving artist. How lucky I am to be able to do photography, write as a hobby, and not be starving! Not that my Granny would ever let me go hungry. Check out the spread she put out for Easter.



I can do a lot of things well, but one thing I absolutely cannot do well at all is ice a cake. It's something my mom and I usually have in common, so I was surprised at how ambitious she was with this bunny cake...and how great it turned out.

My cousins, Drew (seated) and Tyler (not pictured, but I just did his senior pictures, so stay tuned), are wonderfully talented when it comes to making funny short films. Drew is showing off their latest creation.


My sister and our great-grandmother, Franny.

The day before Easter, Joshy and I headed up to Lipscomb for a visit. I was invited to display some of my photos at a reception for recent alumni.

JoEllen stopped by too.

After the reception, we stayed for Singarama! Such fun...Singarama, in a round about way, lead me to Joshy. Ask me about that another time.

Spring has sprung at our house. For Christmas, Granny got us some trees for our yard. Here's one that's blooming.

I think that about catches you up on my tales from my Toy Camera. Thanks, Granny, for reading. By the way, for any of you out there who just skip over everything I write and go straight to the pictures, my feelings aren't hurt. I'm just glad you click and look at all.

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Natalie Countess said...

Wow what a spread! I am so glad you to a photo of that because I wish I had one of what I remember my grandmother doing. It is truly amazing the food they can crank out of a kitchen. Sweet memories!Enjoyed your pictures and blog. Natalie