Pull over! Grab her veil!

Flowers? Check. Veil? Check. Shoes? Check. Vomit bucket? Check. Wait...what?

You know, one of my favorite things about my job is the fact that from day to day, I never know what's going to happen next. Every wedding is different, every baby is different, and going to work everyday is like a surprise. For example, the new baby I meet might have a full head of hair, or the cake at the reception might be red velvet underneath. Sometimes, however, those surprises aren't always as appetizing as yummy cake. I mean sure, I've come to expect to be peed on or have spit-up running down my arm at a baby session. Stepping through cow pies and over garbage on my way to a location for a senior session isn't out of the ordinary. But holding a veil back while a bride pukes out the car window? Now that's a new one for me. Still, it kinda feels like it's all in a days work.

I know you're wondering what on earth I'm talking about. Well, I'm talking about Meagan's bridal session we had on Wednesday. We've had it on my calender for weeks. Her dress was altered in time, her hair & nails we done, her bouquet was ordered, and the Carnton Plantation booked. So, when Meagan woke up with, er, digestive issues, she decided to just deal with it and continue the day as planned. We met at my house, and I jumped in the car with Meagan's mom behind the wheel to head to Franklin. Along the way, she mentioned how sick she had been feeling all day, and how she just wanted to close her eyes. Then, when we were about 10 minutes away from our destination, she sits up, rolls down the window, and proceeds to "decorate" the car and the side of the highway. Susan was still driving, trying to find an opportunity to pull over. I was in the back seat, holding her veil out of the way as it tried to fly out the window. And Meagan, being the gracious soul that she is, was apologizing through it all. Finally, we got pulled over so we could get her veil out of her hair and clean her up a bit.

When she was finished, we couldn't help but laugh! Could you imagine being the car behind us, thinking, "Is that a bride? Sticking her head out of the window? Puking?" Yes, car behind us, it is. Even Meagan found it kind of hilarious, saying it would make for a great story on my blog. "It's such a funny visual," she said, "Bride, hanging out side of car, throwing up with her veil in the breeze." She's right. It's not something you see everyday, that's for sure.

Meagan...what a trooper. Even after all that, she still managed to put on her dress and work it like there's no tomorrow. I can tell you right now, after the episode I had in Las Vegas, if it had been me upchucking on the side of the road, there is no way I would have been able to stand up, much less put on a wedding dress and pose. Yet Meagan totally pulled it off, and looked gorgeous to boot.

Here is one quick shot, for proof of how amazing she really is.
You'll have to wait to see the rest; Meagan is going to be on the cover of the Times-Gazette's bridal section on May 18th.

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You do have the most interesting job! Cindy Peek