My sister goes to prom

Normally, I wouldn't post too many (or any) of these pictures. Mostly because you've already seen my sister in her prom dress, and those pictures were much higher quality photos than these. But, after I took some of these with my Toy camera, Sara Elizabeth and her friends, namely Lawrence & Ty, said to me, "This is a blog picture, right? You'll put this on the blog, right?" So by demand of my teenage pals, here they are.


She spent a large portion of her night doing this right here.

It takes a lot of effort, and outfits apparently, to get ready for prom. Mom is listing off everything to make sure it was ready to go.

Sara Eliz, pretending to pin her date's boutineer on. I did the actual pinning.

Yes, my sister is on a John Deere in a prom dress.

The whole crew. You might recognize Amber (in red), Jay, (in white & blue), and Kyle, of course, on the end.

This is her "dinner" dress. Not only does she look totally awesome in it, she's also amazingly thrifty; this dress was a whopping $10.

I was at school for most of the night, shooting the formal photos. At one point, it was so hot in the gym that the cool, tile floor next to where I was set up was just too appealing to pass up. L to R: Lawrence, Alex, Sara E, Ty, & Katie.

I should have a sneak peek of Luke & Jessica's wedding very soon, as well as Caroline's 2 year session.

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Ty Stewart said...

jenna, i love you! this made me so happy. :)