Sudberry wedding, on film

There is a warm fuzzy feeling in my heart every time I see the photos I've shot on film. It's as if everything I try to accomplish when I'm shooting had fallen into place, and the world of Photoshop just sort of melts into the background like it a bad friend who shouldn't be in my life anymore. Instead, I have a new friend: the photo lab. Now, rather than dreading the piles of images I must sort and post process, I eagerly wait with anticipation for my rolls of film to arrive home from the lab. I nearly jumped out of my seat when the doorbell rang and I knew at last I would be able to see for the first time those quick, quiet moments from two weeks ago when Sara & Chance let me have a few minutes out of their wedding day all to myself. Kyle was there as a groomsmen; he was sweet enough to juggle my digital camera and some lenses for me and I fumbly tried to load my film. I shot their entire day digitally, aside from this one roll of 24 frames. I'll post the full wedding later; for now, it's time for film.











Ian Cresswell said...

Liking the warmth of film.

GrayPhotography said...

Jenna, So this is a LITTLE delayed, but just wanted to say it was nice meeting you at the CJ's open house the other evening!! You and your hubby are so cute!!! Hope to see you guys again soon :) Blessings, Jody

Kristyn Hogan said...

love it.