Hear that? It's film rewinding

I'm pretty sure I ruined a roll of film yesterday. It makes me a little sick to think about it. I was having a great senior session with Jamie, and half way through shooting, I mentioned I had my film camera with me. "You can shoot some film with me, if you want," Jamie said. Yes, please! I immediately swapped cameras. We did half the roll at her aunt & uncle's house and by their dock at Lake Elaine, then the other half on the football field at Jamie's high school (and my alma mater) SCHS. I clicked, heard the roll begin to rewind, and realized I had finished it...or so I thought. I guess it wasn't finished. I opened the back and there was my film, still sitting there, all stretched out. Ugh. I won't know until I get it back from the lab just what damage I've done, but I've already made plans with Jamie to grab those shots again....those shots which I'm pretty sure would have been perfect.

I guess it was just a matter of time before I did something like that. I was getting too confident, moving too fast. I realized there was a whole little section of buttons on my film camera, and I have no clue what their functions are. Could they have saved me from ruining that roll? I'm not sure. I've got a lot of learning to do.

When I'm shooting with my digital camera, I know what's going on. That camera is in my hands 4, 5, sometimes 7 days a week. I know how it feels, how it fits in my hand, how it reacts to any light I'm going to face. I can even guess the exposure for a lot of situations without even looking at my meter. That's not the case with my film camera; the learning process is a much slower one. With digital, I can look at my images as soon as I shoot them, and analyze them on my computer as soon as I get home. But with film, I have to wait a week or so until they get back from the lab. Then, I go through and study my images, seeing what works, what doesn't...how the light reacts to the film in different situations, so that I can correct & improve the next time I shoot with film, which might be another week or so later. And then, I wait until the film comes back again, to compare. It might be a month or more before I have a chance to see if I'm improving.

I need some help. So, I've decided to attend a workshop called Film is not Dead, lead by a very talented and 100% film shooter, Jonathan Canlas. I can easily see myself becoming a full time film shooter, but it's going to be a process.

Now in true photo-blog fashion, here are a few photos from the other half of John & Lauren's roll. The weather was nice one afternoon, and I wanted to finish up that roll, so I called upon my cousin and longtime model/guinea pig Drew. He had just gotten off a tractor, and was visiting with our granny when I convinced him to go stand out in the corn field for a few minutes.

I managed to talk Granny into getting in one of the pictures.




I'm not the only rebel in the family with a tattoo...



So there you have it. These photos are straight out of camera, with no post processing, other than the addition of my watermark.

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