Thanks for reading

I had a conversation with two self proclaimed "blog-stalkers" this weekend. Susan tells me she loves when I write, and Haley can practically quote back things I've typed. She told me, "I check twice a day!" Talk about keeping me on my toes! They're not the only ones; so many of you have mentioned at some point or another how much you enjoy reading. It's because of all you lovely people out in the interwebs that I want to push myself to do better. You keep me accountable. Knowing there are folks out there who check daily to see if I've posted something new makes me want to be certain sure I've got something worth looking at. So, thanks for reading. I'd love to hear from more of you blog-stalkers, so leave me a comment next time you stop by!

Of course, it just so happens that I have a few photos to share. Robert & Zhanna (she's from Russia) are getting married at the Belle Meade Plantation at the end of July. From what they tell me, a party is in store. I'm pretty sure the blog post from their wedding will be huge. They're so easy and natural in front of the camera, I hardly have to do anything but click. The last photo is my favorite, by the way.








Oh, and in case you were wondering, the rings from Nevin & Amy's wedding were sitting on the bottom of a wine glass that had been turned upside-down. My blog-stalking Granny needed to know, so I thought I'd share with you all.


Jennifer said...

I stalk you and I'm not ashamed. I stumbled upon your blog after you shot a friend-of-a-friend-of-a-friend's wedding and I saw it on Facebook. I have you on RSS feed to make sure I catch every one. And I love all your photos, but especially when you do your own projects (like photoshoots and the stop-motion contest). Click away!

sarah said...

i definitely fall into the category of blog stalker :p i was hoping to schedule a session with you but it was close to the holidays and things got crazy. but anyways, i've followed your blog ever since and i love seeing your pictures! photography is a hobby of mine...i wish i could take people pictures like you do!

Matt, Allison and Jade said...

i suppose i am also a blog stalker considering i have only commented a couple of times in a year or so. i love your pictures{especially the wedding pics} and it was great to meet you when you were taking pictures of beautiful jamie at my house. i am pregnant with twins and hope to convince my husband we need a session when they are here. so...maybe i'll see you again:) till then i'll stop lurking and start commenting!