John & Lauren, pt 2: Film

Up until now, I've only shot film at moments that didn't really in, if I totally screwed everything up, it didn't really matter. I only shot for fun at first, then I started bringing my film camera to work. But while working, I only brought it out after I knew I had plenty in digital format. I've been too chicken so far to actually use film in an important moment as my primary format. Even at Sara's softball game... when she was presented with an award, that was actually something that needed to be captured and I was shooting it, but I still had Joshy shooting backup on the Toy Camera. Just in case.

This set of photos is the first I've shot on film when it actually mattered. It was for John & Lauren's engagement session. Sure, engagement sessions would be pretty easy to recreate if I did manage to screw up royally, but it would still be best for me to just do my job right. And sure, I had plenty of John & Lauren with my digital camera, but this specific section of their engagement session was slightly more significant than the rest.

See, Lauren had cancer. Had, as in past tense, as in she beat it. But for a time, she was in and out of the hospital getting treatments and chemo, and John was by her side the whole time. One of their favorite ways to pass the time during treatments was with a good old fashioned game of Scrabble. Not the version on Facebook or the iPhone that everyone seems to be into these days, but the version on a board with little wooden squares of letters. So, for their engagement session, they wanted to bring along their Scrabble board and have a little fun. They were gracious enough to let me shoot this part on film.






They're getting married in August...thus why we spelled out August.


Once again, these have had zero post processing. Obviously, I'm still learning. I just need to shoot more and more film, so I can figure out the nuances of it. This was the first time I'd shot a roll on an overcast day. I probably should have done a better job of finding the good light...I just need more practice! Still, for something that really matters, I think I still did OK. Thoughts?

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Jennifer said...

I love them! These will make great pictures for them to send out for save-the-dates. I especially love the one with the ring in sharp focus. And I've always loved shooting on an overcast day!
Keep it up--I love looking at these!