Sara Elizabeth. Softball. Film.

My totally cool sister is at Girls' State right now, so I thought I'd post some pictures from her last district softball game...even though softball and Girls' State don't have anything to do with one another, actually. I'm just really proud of her. Not only is she a phenomenal softball player, she has also managed to survive the whole week at Girls' State, which is a pretty big deal for a homebody like her.

These photos were shot on film. I did some very minor & quick color adjustments. I'm slowly but surely starting to weave film into my sessions for work. I'll be posting some engagements soon, and I did a chunk of them on film. The tricky part is staying organized. I'm really, really particular about how I keep my photos organized, and I've yet to develop a system for cataloging all of these negatives and the CDs that accompany them. For example, this roll of film was all personal, but the next roll of film is half work and half personal...I don't keep files of personal things like I do professional things. Seriously, it's an issue for me, and its stressing me out a little. I know it's silly to worry about how I'm going to file something, but that's kind of the way I operate. Ugh...Talking about it has gotten me worked up...I should probably go label something.

While I'm organizing, you can check out some pictures. My sister is the catcher, by the way.

The whole team on the mound after the game. Sara Eliz is #16, with the pink ribbon.


L to R: Sara E., Leigha, Kelsey. They were named All District.


And last but not least, my sister with our Dad, a.k.a. Coach Ed.

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