Blogging from Canada, eh

Lists are a daily part of my life. I make a list of things to do, a list of groceries, a list of ideas to blog, and a list of the lists in the order which I want to check them off. It's kind of silly actually, but it's just the way I go about getting my thoughts aligned. It always feels so wonderful when I cross an item off, like I've really accomplished something. As soon as a task is finished, I grab that pen and put a huge bold line through it before I move on to the next one. Today, I'm able to mark an item off of The List, as in the-list-of-things-I've-always-wanted-to-do-in-my-life. Do you have one of those? Items on it include horseback riding on the beach, learning to play the Charlie Brown song on the piano, parasailing, visiting all 50 states (I have 18 to go), and walking a red carpet to name a few. Another thing I've always wanted to do is drive in a foreign country, and today I did! Granted, Canada isn't that "foreign," per say, but our passports were required when we hit the border. It was rather thrilling to drive across the US border; only one other time in my life have I ever actually left the country in a car (when we went to San Diego and made a side trip to Tijuana), but Dad was driving, and I was only a passenger. Today, however, I was driving, and thus I mark an item off The List.

We're now in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. I'll catch you up on how we got here since my last blog from Seattle. After I blogged on Wednesday, the 4 of us got dolled up and rode the elevator to the top of the Space Needle to dine at the restaurant as it rotated. Ah... such breathtaking views! The city of Seattle is gorgeous, with the skyline on one side, mountains on another, and sea on another. Our reservations put us up there just as the last bit of orange was escaping below the horizon. Dinner was simply divine. Seriously. It's the kind of food you just want to roll around in your mouth while you eat to really appreciate the flavor. It was nearly midnight when we left the Needle.

On Thursday, we spent the majority of our day at the Pike's Place Market. Fresh fish, veggies, and fruits of every variety were there, just waiting to be grabbed up. For breakfast, it was a Russian bakery, and lunch were fresh fish sandwiches. Taylor found what was possibly the perfect nectarine, saying, "I wish I had a blog so I could tell the world about this nectarine." There, Taylor, I told the world. Once we had our fill of the market for the day, we wandered through the Pioneer District, then headed back to the hotel for a nap/shower before dinner. Jennifer has friends in Seattle, so we met them at a fish taco place. Also delicious. If there is anything I've learned about Seattle it's that the food is to die for. This morning, we grabbed breakfast at the market again, and spent some quality time in one of my favorite places ever: H&M. It's kind of ridiculous how much of my wardrobe has come from that store, despite there not being one in Tennessee. I may or may not have added to it today. I guess it was about 2 or 3 when we finally got on the road for Vancouver. The I-5 was trafficy (yes, I just typed 'trafficy'), so I pulled out the atlas and found us a side road. It was gorgeous, seeing the late afternoon light fall on the Washington countryside. We stopped here and there to take in some views. I think it's only supposed to take 2 hours to get from Seattle to Vancouver, but we didn't arrive here until almost 8pm. And I drove. In a foreign country.

Right now Devon, Jennifer, & Taylor are grabbing a bite to eat while I take a break to blog. Driving is hard work sometimes, and I just wanted to sit still for a minute, so they're bringing me dinner from somewhere. Taylor's 21st birthday is tomorrow (!), but since the drinking age in Canada is 18, we're celebrating tonight. I have no idea what we're doing tomorrow; I'll post pics once we've done it. Here is the current report from the Toy Camera:

What a great photo by a stranger! The whole Space Needle and all four of us. So exciting!

Devon & Taylor were a little anxious during the elevator ride.

This was the view from our table, until we rotated around.

Then this was the view. I think we went around a total of four times.

Pike's Place Market!!! Very crowded, but very fun.

I don't have much to show of the market right now; I had my film camera out most of the time. If those pictures turn out, I'll blog them.

There is Taylor, buying the perfect nectarine. I have some film shots of her devouring it.

Waiting on our fresh fish sandwiches. If you ever make it out to Seattle, eat one.

Super HUGE thanks to Jennifer's friends, Matt & Melissa, for recommending all the places to see and eat. They were spot on, and we would have been clueless without them!

This is somewhere between Seattle and the US/Canadian border. I think it's Lake McMurray...not really sure. It was pretty, so we stopped.

Again, another random place in the middle of Washington. It just seemed appropriate to take a picture by this sign.

And here I am! Driving into Canada! Marking another item of The List!!

Downtown Vancouver is HUGE. That's still me driving, just FYI. You should be proud.

And finally, here is my view as I blog. It's pretty, but I'll admit: I miss my normal blogging view of a lazy cat and handsome husband.

Ok, the other girls just got back with some Mongolian for me to eat. Until next time, eh!

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