Highs and Lows, v2

It's Saturday, so following along with the tradition I started last week, here I am reflecting on my highs and lows for the week. Tell me, what are your highs and lows?

-Taco Mamacita with JoEllen...it had been way too long since we spent time together.
-Have you had a Birthday Cake Shake from Zaxby's yet? If not, go and get one right now. Now. Stop reading and get one. You'll thank me later.
-I met Brittany & Mark...finally! After months of emails and phone calls, it was nice to put faces to the name of the couple I'll be shooting in about a month.
-My awesome wedding with Jenna & Jeff this morning. I was like a kid in a candy store at Cedarwood. I even shot a roll of film!

-Missing VBS at Fairlane...When they set the date, I forgot to write it in my book, and I scheduled sessions for everyday this week, so I wasn't able to participate. I hear it went well.
-The heat has melted me into a pool of sweat on more than one occasion this week.
-Today, I found 2 gray hairs. TWO! Ugh.
-All of a sudden, the H key on my computer has decided to be finicky. Out of all the letters, why the H?

Here's a sneak peek of Jeff & Jenna's mini-wedding.

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