Highs and Lows

While I was in Oregon, Devon mentioned how she and Chris liked to talk about their highs and lows of the day. It made great sense to me, to bring up something that happened in the day that was the low point, then follow it with something else that was the high point, as if to keep a constant balance. Balance is sometimes difficult for me; I usually let work take over too much, and ignore my personal time and those in my life completely. Or, I get super lazy, and I do nothing. So, taking a cue from Devon, I've decided to blog a weekly "Highs & Lows" list on Saturdays. It's possible these posts won't always have a picture with them, but perhaps I can also use this as a challenge to record my weekly high with a photo, so I can share it here.

-I came home to Joshy, and slept in my own bed..nothing quite like it.
-My 5D Mark II arrived!
-On Sunday, I visited Port Angeles and had ravioli during the most hilarious dinner ever.
-My shoot in an airplane hanger...it was awesome.

-Flying across the country with zero sleep is not fun. Neither is saying goodbye to your friend, and knowing it'll be 6 months or more before seeing her again.
-Lunch with Joshy was interrupted by a work call. Boo.
-My 5D Mark II didn't arrive in time to shoot in the airplane hanger.
-I had to find a new film lab, just as I was getting used to my other one.

Thanks for the inspiration, Devon.

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