Lazy Stroll in Seattle

Often, vacations can wear me out. We wake up, go go go all day long, and by the evening, I'm pooped. Granted, I see a lot, but once I get home, I sort of feel like I need another vacation before I go back to work. Today was not one of those days. We woke up, had a long breakfast at a pastry shop in Portland, then made the 3 hour drive to Seattle where we met Jennifer. Then, it was a stroll to lunch where I munched on a rather tasty .spinach & chicken calzone After lunch, we found our way to the Olympus Sculpture Park where we made up our own names for the eccentric so-called sculptures. The 4 of us were feeling pretty lazy, so we found a shady spot beneath a large red piece and took in the view of the Olympic Peninsula while chatting about everything. I'm certain the fellow sitting next to us got a kick out of our conversation. Tonight we'll be dining atop the Space Needle!! Tomorrow is another day in Seattle; I think we leave for Vancouver tomorrow evening. Did you know the days are forever long here? At one point this morning, I woke up to see that it was beginning to be daylight outside at 5am, but it doesn't get dark until 10pm! It can make for a long day. I'm glad we're being a little lazy.

A shot of us while we were on the I-5 to Seattle. It's like we're on a reality show.

So thankful for the cloudless blue skies today!

I named this piece of art "The H that Melted." Devon named it "Spot." It was actually called "Eagle." Whatever it is, it gave us some shade for our extended afternoon conversation.

The 4 of us with the Space Needle in the background. I'm excited to eat up there tonight.

Devon, me, and Jennifer. Oh, and the Olympic Peninsula in the background.

Tomorrow we're going to Pike's Place to see them throw fish!

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