Madelyn & Sophia

What a journey these two have been on! They were born almost 11 weeks early, and thanks to the prayers and hard work of the Vandy NICU staff (including some of my former brides!), they have made their way home. Meet Sophie & Mattie, the twin baby girls of my good friend, Josh & Amber. Due to their still delicate lungs, they haven't fully come off oxygen yet, and visits are very limited because of their weak immune systems. I was lucky enough, however, to spend an afternoon with them. We're waiting until they're fully of oxygen before we do a full session, but you know I couldn't resist getting a few snapshots of them while I was there nearly a month ago. I can't wait to see them again, and to see how they've grown! You can catch up on all things Schwartz at their blog, Here are the few pictures I got while I was there.

Mattie didn't want to wake up for her medicine. I can't blame her.

These are Mattie's toes, I believe.

Sophie is in polka dots, Mattie is in white.


I'm certain I'll be posting more of these babies in the future!

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Megan Greeson said...

Aww, look at them! They are so big.. I remember taking care of them. Its good to hear that they are doing so well..